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Dr. Gvasaliya adjusting the High Resolution Raman Spectrometer.  
Dr. Gvasaliya adjusting the High Resolution Raman Spectrometer.

For fulfilling our mission of fundamental research in solid state physics we employ inelastic neutron scattering and neutron diffraction as primary tools. Additional sample characterization and bulk properties measurement tools are operated by our lab as well. Below is a list of experimental equipment operated by Neutron Scattering and Magnetism Group.

  • MPMS - Magnetic Property Measurement System. High-sensitivity SQUID magnetometer from Quantum Design. H=0..7T, T=0.5K..400K.
  • PPMS 14T - Physcal Property Measurement System. Versatile instrument from Quantum Design, offering the widest range of magnetic, thermal and electrical measurements. H=0..14T, T=0.05K..400K.
  • PPMS 9T - Physcal Property Measurement System. Dedicated to specific heat measurements. H=0..9T, T=0.05K..400K.
  • MiniFlex - Benchtop X-ray diffractometer from Rigaku Corp.
  • Bruker SMART APEX II - Single crystal diffractometer.
  • Trivista 557 - Triple grating Raman system for studies of inelastic scattering of light. Green laser and T=3.5K..650K.
  • Wet chemistry lab with glovebox.
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