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This is the home of Prof. Dr. Andrey Zheludev's Neutron Scattering and Magnetism Group in the Laboratory for Solid State Physics at ETH Zürich. AZ's lepidoptera web pages can be found here.

A key theme in modern solid state physics is the emergence and competition of novel collective quantum phases and excitations in strongly correlated electrons materials. The main focus of the Neutron Scattering and Magnetism group is the use of state-of-the-art quantum beam technologies at large scale facilities for a fundamental experimental study of these phenomena in prototype compounds.

The current thrust is in neutron scattering and muon experiments, as applied to the study of quantum criticality and dynamics in magnetic, ferroelectric and multiferroic systems. Of particular interest are spin liquids, Bose-Einstein condensation of magnons and related physics, geometric frustration of interactions, universality and scaling at quantum phase transitions, and the effects of disorder.

At the center of our approach is leveraging the flexibility and educational value of campus-based synthesis and characterization of unique single crystal samples against the power of experiments at the best user facilities worldwide. At the same time, we develop and employ complementary in-house measurement techniques, such as high resolution optical spectroscopy, very low temperature magnetometry, electrometry and calorimetrey, as well as diamond-anvil high pressure experiments.

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